My name is Mitch and I like to make beer and sometimes soda, cider, mead and wine.  I have been homebrewing since May 2011.  I started with extract and specialty grains, moved on to partial mash (brew in a bag) after about a year and then on to all grain brewing another few months later.

I’ve decided to keep a blog chronicling my adventures in brewing.  It is mostly for myself, to force me to take better notes and keep a better record of what I’m doing.  I’m striving for more consistency in my beer and want to keep honing and improving my process.

After brewing a few kits, I began creating my own recipes and this became one of my favorite parts of the process.  I also enjoy making labels for my beer and obsessively photographing it in the glass.  I’ll be posting all of that stuff along with logs of brew day, racking, dry hopping, gravity readings, packaging and whatever else I’m doing.

I’m going to be posting a lot over the next few months to get caught up with everything I have in process right now as well as all of my old batches.  I’m also going to post labels, brief descriptions and (where possible) photos of all of my previous batches.  I’m going to make a tag for each batch so any posts about them can be separated and you can watch them go from recipe to beer after the fact.

Once I get caught up on all that stuff, I’d expect updates about once a week with beer in the glass pictures in between.  I am going to be posting at least five days a week for the next few months, going through the backlog.  This week, I’ll be posting about everything I have fermenting as well as a batch I’m planning to brew on Tuesday and then start with older batches next week.

As a preview, here are the batches I’ll be writing about this week:
N.E. Maibock (currently lagering)
Old Ale (currently in secondary fermentation)
Amy and Mitch’s 2nd Anniversary Mead (currently aging with strawberries)
Wyld Cyser (currently in secondary fermentation)
Mount Hoodie 2013 (currently in primary fermentation)
Maggie Moo’s Cocoa Cream Stout (which I plan to brew Tuesday)

I think that covers it for now.


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